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The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is one of the most widely used pre-K curriculum in the nation. It’s comprehensive, research-based, research-proven, and it features exploration and discovery as a way of learning.

Foundation volumes help teachers create high-quality learning environments and support deep understanding of early childhood best practices, theories, and research. Robust Daily Resources provide the instructional tools and materials to engage children in project-based investigations and make every moment of the day meaningful, intentional, and engaging.

Children 2 & up are tested 3 times a year to track their progress. Teachers hold parent/teacher conferences 2 times a year to go over test results and set goals for the remainder of the year. 

Daily sheets have never been easier to record and share with families. Teachers love using brightwheel to track infant and toddler activities and automate their daily reports. Track meals, diapers, naps, observations, meds, incidents, and more with one click, and automatically send daily updates to families. Teachers can capture the classroom day-to-day with a few clicks, and parents get real-time updates about their kids throughout the day.

Rice Village Classroom Info

Infant Classroom

Toddler Classroom

2 Year Olds Classroom

Preschool Classroom

(6 weeks to 12 months) –

In our infant’s classroom our teachers will provide challenges that are not too hard or too easy—something babies can do with a little help. Our activities are planned on each individual child’s age and stage of development. They help each child meet goals that are just right for that child. We value a child’s family and culture. Our caregivers balance your child’s schedule so she gets the sleep she needs, eats healthy food, moves around, explores interesting objects, learns how to get along with others, and actively helps with her own care as much as she can.ttings.

(12 months – 24 months) –

Our teachers help your child feel secure and important. They create strong, positive bonds with your toddler that help her gain confidence so she can explore and learn. All of us learn best when we can link new information to what we already know. Our teachers help toddlers do this so that they build knowledge. They also connect learning to whatever your child is interested in, like balls, animals, or trucks! Play is an important way your toddler explores materials, tests ideas, and starts figuring out why something happens.

(24 months – 36 months) –

Our 2-year-old classroom utilizes The Creative Curriculum, a research-based early child care and education curriculum. At this age, your child is learning at a rapid rate, and as they grow and develop, the teacher adapts the curriculum, as well as the environment to meet both your child’s needs as well as their interests. Each classroom has a lesson plan created weekly, with activities individualized to the specific needs of each child in the classroom. Each activity on the lesson plan is purposeful and intentionally planned based on the teachers’ observations of each child in the classroom.

(3 – 5 years old) –

In the Preschool Classroom, the focus is placed on language arts, science, art and math fundamentals to promote excitement about learning new concepts. For these active learners our lesson plans are filled with activities to help each child grow socially, intellectually and physically. Language development includes story time and puppet play to enrich their imaginations and teach listening and verbal interaction in the group setting. We continue to use the phonics program, Letterland, at a more advanced level. The children will start to write sight words as well as their names. In math, they will go beyond just counting and learn to group, graph, and recognize patterns.

Sample Curriculum Themes

January 4 – 8

“How are clothes made?”

January 11 – 15

“Looming and Weaving”

January 18 – 22

“Community Helpers”

January 25 – 29

“Community Helpers”

February 1 – 5

“Recycling Introduction”

February 8 -12 

“Where does trash go?”

Love MDCC!! I never thought I would find a place like this. It is like home for my daughter. I really appreciate the work they do every day. All staff is friendly and nurturing. The place is perfectly maintained and clean. Safety is a priority and I always felt secure leaving my kid there. She has been super happy there and she has learnt a lot also: numbers, letters, colors, shapes!! The patio is spectacular and the kids really enjoy all the activities they do there: free playing, gardening, picnic, soccer shots, etc. Communication with teachers and management is super easy and they always help. There are always events that made our life fun: mother’s day, San Valentine’s day, Rodeo day, etc. They put a lot of effort in organizing them and they rock!! It is time for us to move to a school. We will truly miss this place… I wish I could assign 10 stars.
Inma Lapena

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